Day 9: Favorite character conclusion? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

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10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5 - Day 9

Favorite character conclusion?

  • Annie: Bo. I was happy that she got the girl, got to save the world by facing dad, (and to say “I will live the life I choose.”) and was still with the gang, ready to fight the good fight at the end.
  • Stephanie: Kenzi. Even though it was a real bummer that she wasn’t in the last scene of the series, I was actually pretty happy with how Kenzi’s storyline ended. Her friendship with Bo is very dear to me, but I was glad to see Kenzi carving her own path. With the ring that Trick gave her, I happily imagine her moving between the Fae and human worlds as she wishes without having to be claimed by anyone.
  • Kris: Tough one, but I think I have to go with Kenzi. It felt like more of a conclusion, and she exited the series with a sense of purpose that was a nice bookend to her introduction.

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8 Replies to “Day 9: Favorite character conclusion? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

  1. Is this a trick question because in terms of concluding character arcs I’m still shaking my head. Tamsin’s was god-awful. Trick and Aoife’s was just tragic. And the way LG ended with the scene at the Dal, with no understanding as to whether days, months, or years have passed the viewer has NO idea where Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Vex, and Evony truly ended up. So, in the that vein, the only person I can say that ended up with a great “character conclusion” is guest character Acacia (Played by Linda Hamilton) who ends up ruling both Valhalla and overseeing Freya and Tartarus with Stacy as her number two. Everybody else? Still shaking my head. At least we know what happened to the Clubhouse. 🙂

    1. No, it’s not a trick question. While the show did leave our characters still fighting the good fight at the end of the series, we do know their circumstances. Bo confronted and defeated her father but is still cognizant and preparing for the possibility that he might make another strike, and she and Lauren are in a relationship. Kenzi rode off into the sunset with Dagny, but she has the ring Trick gave her to allow her to move between the Fae world and the human world and she reaffirms her love and loyalty to Bo, etc.

  2. Yeah, the ending scene left me feeling flat, too, about character endings. Kenzi totally should have been there and I felt unclear about Bo and Lauren’s on again/off again relationship status. Dyson was still alone (waiting for Lauren to die to see if Bo would want to be with him then b/c she clearly doesn’t now). Is Evony still alive? If I had to choose other than Bo, I would say Vex. S5 we saw the fulfillment of his redemption arc and the bar scene implies he still has the guy. And he was willing to die rather than betray his “family” and join Hades. Least favorite character ending? Tamsin. Ugh…

  3. No, the ending wasn’t perfect but it was, for the most part, satisfying. While there were many unanswered questions about exactly where characters ended up, I interpret the ending as these characters’ lives, and struggles continue. The most satisfying character ending was Bo’s. By the end, she’s living life on her own terms. In the first episode she proclaims, “I choose humans” and that’s, in part, what she did. She chose Kenzi, she chose Lauren. While I don’t think Bo and Lauren’s reconciliation was earned (don’t get me started), it was a nice was to end the show. I guess we just have to assume that they finally had an actual conversation and hashed out their many issues. She also fought the light and dark divide from day one, and she saw it break down, at least in their colony. I wanted more from Season 5 as a whole, but the ending provided more than a little satisfaction.

  4. Dyson probably made out the best, he get’s Trick’s lair, the Dal and in 50 years he gets Bo back. I’m sorry, but I am mad at Ms. Solo – she should have just left when her contract was up. She left season 4 and 5 feeling inconsistent – like, “Ooo, we have Ksenia this week so we’ll put in this story line for Kenzie.” She could have run off with Hale at the end of Season 3, just as easily as them both dying at the end of S4 and putting us through hell. The fan base would have been happy and she could have stayed with Tatiana. If it was just on Dyson and Trick, maybe Aoife could have been reunited with Trick and they could have “made up” before the compass thing happened. Also, instead of the annoying Car Scene at the end of 5/16 where Lauren starts that whole, “I human…” thing – maybe it could have been another shower scene at Lauren’s apartment, since Bo ended up “homeless” – we’ll never know. I realize there’s A LOT of re-work in my proposal, but: 1. Bo never learned how to be a proper Succubus – she never learned how to siphon Chi to make Thralls, how to mark her territory, how to tell when Valkyries are in love with you. (so maddening! You’d think it would be handy to know when you have a willing victim in front of you?!) 2. Rainer was probably Bo’s Brother, since only the children of Hades had his Hand hickie. 3. Bo could have married Lauren in the BEGINNING of S5 (just think of all the happy Doccubus fans) and maybe they could have found another way to introduce Jack without going through all the Hel Shoes and Ancients antics. (Just think of all the bedroom scenes you were denied Annie.)

    1. Wendy, your comment made me think of something that has been bothering me since I first watched season 5. My theory is that Bo and Lauen’s break up was merely a plot device designed to help introduce Tamsin’s pregnancy. It wasn’t the break up itself that was so frustrating but the fact that it was lazy writing. Some of the dialogue was recycled from the first break up scene. Just once, I would like to see a show mine drama from a relationship, not a break up.

      1. Here, here! Actually seeing Bo and Lauren struggle to work through the consequences of what Lauren’s experimenting wrought rather than mostly avoiding it by having them breakup would have been incredible. I agree that rather than exploring the drama and tension of the real issues that Bo and Lauren faced as a couple, it was easier to have them break up or introduce confusing reasons for them not to be together (like, why did it matter that Lauren was with the Dark in S4 since Bo was Dark, too? and why were they not together at the beginning of s5? oh, right, we need to establish Bo and Tamsin sleeping together so we can have Tamsin sleep with “Bo” who is really Hades in 512 and get pregnant….ugh…). It does feel like lazy writing and forgetting that the journey is as important if not more important than whatever major plot points you want to deliver.

    2. I think your hypothesis that Rainer was Bo’s half-brother is really good, icky, but certainly inline with the whole Greek tragedy arc of inadvertently sleeping with family members out of ignorance (a line they danced around with Persephone and Bo in 502). Hades makes it clear in 509 that he can hand hickie any Fae (see him healing Mark with his handprint) but that it would fade if he was sent back to Tartarus on anyone who wasn’t his child. Since Bo, Dagny, and Rainer all clearly had the hand hickie with Hades banished, it would follow that Rainer was also Hades child. However, in s5 the writers played pretty fast and loose with their own world building rules (see 511 and Tamsin having wings when it wasn’t her last life). Unfortunately we’ll never know and I think hanging the whole Rainer plotline that took up so much of s4 out to dry is one of the biggest missteps of s5.

      I loved Amanda Walsh as Zee and wouldn’t have minded the whole Ancients storyline except it went out with a whimper rather than a bang. Rather easily dispensing of Iris/Nyx in 509 and then Zeus/Hera excusing themselves to Limbo for no apparent reason (to get away from Hades?) was puzzling. Why go through all of that setup to simply drop it once Hades appeared? Meh…and no one ever bothered to ask Evony and Vex how they handled Eros, another ancient.

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