Day 10: Favorite sexytimes scene? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

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10 Days of Lost Girl S5 - Day 10

Favorite sexytimes scene?

  • Annie: The shower chi-sucking scene in “Judgment Fae” – so much wetness!!
  • Kris: Bo and Persephone in “Like Hell, Part 2.” (Ignoring the scenes that are intercut and the fact that Persephone is technically Bo’s stepmother.) I think it was maybe the steamiest scene of the season (though I’m sure Annie will disagree).
  • Stephanie: The Bo/Lauren smooching scene in “Here Comes the Night” — I thought the acting was really fantastic. All of the history and longing and emotion between Bo and Lauren was visible in that scene.

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4 Replies to “Day 10: Favorite sexytimes scene? — 10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

  1. Not much to choose from in Season 5. The scene with Persephone in 5.2 would be my choice. Also the very interesting scene in “It’s Your Lucky Fae” between Mark and Kat with Iris watching. The Bo and Lauren shower scene in “Judgment Fae” was pretty good too.

  2. It has to be Bow Tie scene in “It’s Your Lucky Fae.” Everyone and their brother who has ever followed me throughout my postings on Lost Girl knows that while I ADORE Bo and Tamsin as friends I was not ever in favor of them hooking up. Their first, best destiny together was as best buddies. That being said, “It’s Your Lucky Fae” certainly opened my eyes to the POV of the Valkubus fans! When that scene first happened my jaw hit the ground. That was such a classic way to come at Bo. If I was Bo I would have thrown the cupcake too. Bo is such a sexual person that one doesn’t even the need to be explicit with her, one can just tantalize. Out of all the intimate scenes in Lost Girl the “Bow Tie” one is my AB FAV. Tantalizing without being explicit and yet still achieving the goal. A close runner up would be the scene with Bo with Persephone. That was hot!

  3. (OMG – the Moving Box! 🙂 Too Funny.) (See Denise! I’ve been trying to tell you – Valkubus – not mention the fact that Tamsin kept bringing home “potential warriors” to sleep with and she was sharing with Bo. It is like when my cat brings me a mouse it caught.) I was so turned off by Lauren, supposedly “channeling” Bo while Bo was with her step mom, I feel like Zoie deserved better than just time alone on Bo’s bed with a kimono and panties; and as I said in other posts – SOMEONE did NOT sign their waiver form! (I’m wondering if Anna caught grief from somewhere and decided, “That’s it! I’m staying covered! You are all gonna have to use your imagination from here on out!”) For the record Anna Silk – you will always be the hottest soccer mom.

    So: 1) Tamsin and the Lexus Bow; 2) Lauren and Bo in the shower, 3) Lauren and Bo on the floor of her clinic. Honorable mention to Freya and Tamsin, when Tamsin goes to her to discuss a Liberation and Freya wants to discuss “a whole different kind of Liberation.” Also, to the Classically Trained Paul Amos – points for the “Bobbing for Candles Scene” with Mark in the Keg Room.

  4. I was really sad about how most of the sexy time scenes were handled in s5. I think both the scenes with Bo and Persephone, and then Bo and Tamsin (505) show that you can do a lot without being as explicit as they were in earlier seasons (though I am in no way complaining about said explicitness…I am still amazed they did the scenes from 108, 206, 302, 304, 403…just wow…) yet all most all of the action took place off screen in s5 regardless of the couple (not even Dyson and Alicia).

    Like Denise, I was never really a Valkubus romantic fan, not because I didn’t think they had chemistry b/c, hello, but from a personality standpoint I liked their relationship as friends, but I’m actually glad they did go *there* on the show because it was obvious there was something there since s3 when Tamsin kissed Bo (308) and then crawled into her bathtub (amazing scene!) so it needed to be explored even though it was sad that they weren’t on the same page with the depth of the relationship.

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