Season 5 Listener Feedback — Episode 132

We share feedback from listeners about the final season of Lost Girl as well as their feelings about the series coming to an end. We share favorite quotes, theories about Hades’s plans, thoughts about showrunner changes, and we make quite a few inappropriate puns.

Season 5 Group Promo

Day 1: Moment that made you happy

  • Pixel51: “Either Ksenia Solo’s dance of the moth woman or Zoie Palmer as Stoner Lola” (“Follow the Yellow Trick Road”)
  • Mardeth and Hoi Yan Theresa Law: “Oh boy, yes.” (“End of Faes”)
  • Kevin Bachelder: “’Like Hell, Part 1′ – 16:17 into the episode………Kenzi is back baby!!!!!!”
  • Wendy: “The Tamsin Birthday Lexus Bow moment” (It’s Your Lucky Fae”)

Day 2: Favorite Kenzi

  • Denise: Dream NotKenzi kissing Bo (“Follow the Yellow Trick Road”)
  • Meredith: “I agree with Annie. (The museum guide) was classic Kenzi.”

Day 3: Character you wanted to see more of

  • A lot of people also mentioned Evony (Leslie, Pixel51, Denise, Lee, Arlene).
  • Meredith wants more Dyson.
  • Lee wants more Lauren.

Lauren’s Storyline

  • Niina: “How long do you think Lauren has been planning or doing research about turning human to Fae? Since 4.06 (she toasts “to it beginning”) or perhaps even 3.03 (she is doing tests about human and Fae blood)?”

Day 4: A moment that made you laugh

  • Pixel51: “Stacey (Kate Corbett) quitting her job at By-You Burrito in ‘Sweet Valkyrie High.'”
  • Denise: “Without a doubt all of ‘It’s Your Lucky Fae.’” Hoi Yan Theresa Law agrees.

Tamsin in the doubt off in Like Hell Part 2

Day 5: Favorite Battle Scene

  • Wendy liked Stacy and Tamsin’s doubt off.
  • Denise liked the Bo and Zee showdown in “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts.”

Thoughts about Hades’s Plan B

  • Rohan the Thunder Duck: “While I did not like the ‘baby’ aspect of season 5, I do think that Jack had a plan ‘B’ the whole time. He guided Lauren into becoming Fae so he could use her for that plan. Her breakup with Bo and turning back human saved her womb! Jack then went onto the second part of plan b that rhymes with t and that stands for Tamsin. Just an idea though.”
  • Little Bad Wolf: “How was Tamsin’s baby plan B? Hades needed a succubus possessed (?) by the Pyrippus in order to suck the chi out of everyone so Hades could fill them with his will. So how does a baby with a Valkyrie fulfill that? Some have said Dagny was a succubus but I don’t understand how that would happen given how they’ve discussed Fae genetics. Even if Dagny was a succubus, the Pyrippus seems to allow the multi-chi suck so is there more than one Pyrippus? So. Confused. How did Dagny get the glowy handprint since Hades never touched her? We never saw Bo’s handprint until she was on the train of damned souls.”
  • Wendy: “I think only HADES children got the hand print, and Rainer not only had that BUT he had the power to see the future – which Bo and Dagne have but Dad had it big time. Something else to wonder about that will be lost to the ages….I also get the feeling Aife and Rainer were a brief item before she was sent to the Dark dungeons.”

Day 6: Favorite Set/Location

  • Little Bad Wolf: “I loved the penthouse, it was a great, open space and they used it effectively. The idea of Valhalla as a hotel was pretty cool, and the area by the stairs was fabulous. Was also impressed by the outdoor storm aftermath scene given the show’s budget (though that entire episode needed more light…a consistent complaint with some episodes of the show). Vex’s RV was totally cool. Wish we could have had a glimpse of Lauren’s new digs but the clinic made more sense (though why would you keep Jack there???).”
  • Wendy: “I loved Evony’s home, where she had her fund raiser! I thought the penthouse was very cool – I loved the whole concept and execution of ‘Follow The Yellow Trick Road’ (Specifically all the empty city scenes with Bo and Thomasina).”
  • Denise: Dal Riata

Judge Megaera in Judgement Fae

“Judgement Fae” Episode Feedback

  • Brianna: “re: the Jackson Pollock painting and that amusing comment about it being offensive, Jackson Pollock has kinda become synonymous with ejaculation. For example, I just happened to watch an ep of Brooklyn Nine Nine tonight where someone was describing DNA not found at the scene: ‘…no semen, and a rental van’s usually a frickin’ Jackson Pollock.’ Also, a choice Starlord quote from Guardians of the Galaxy: ‘If I had a blacklight, this would look like a Jackson Pollock painting.’ Welp.”

Day 7: Favorite Outfits

  • Wendy: “Something about women in pencil skirts – Bo and Tamsin in Judgement Fae or Linda Hamilton in Sweet Valkyrie High, and Mistress Freya – in Like Hell or in the black dress from Sweet Valkyrie High.”
  • Denise liked Zee’s red dress.

Day 8: Favorite Quotes

  • Pixel51: Trick (to Stacey): “You have a french fry in your hair.” (“Sweet Valkyrie High”)
    Thomasina (to herself): “I’m gonna die in the woods with a girl wearing gingham.” (“Follow The Yellow Trick Road”)
  • Meredith: I want to start my class (I teach high school) one day by looking at my students and saying, “What’s up, Motherfaers.” (“Rise”)
    Runner-up: “You’ve really got the wrong girl.” (Lauren to the naked football player in “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts”)
  • Wendy: “Why, in the name of my Glorious After Life are you fingering my flower?” (Freya to Bo in “Like Hell, Part 2”)

Vex and Mark kiss in Here Comes the Night

Day 9: Favorite Character Conclusion

  • Little Bad Wolf: “I would say Vex. S5 we saw the fulfillment of his redemption arc and the bar scene implies he still has the guy. And he was willing to die rather than betray his “family” and join Hades.”
  • Meredith: “No, the ending wasn’t perfect but it was, for the most part, satisfying. While there were many unanswered questions about exactly where characters ended up, I interpret the ending as these characters’ lives, and struggles continue. The most satisfying character ending was Bo’s. By the end, she’s living life on her own terms. In the first episode she proclaims, “I choose humans” and that’s, in part, what she did. She chose Kenzi, she chose Lauren.”

Day 10: Favorite Sexytimes

  • Pixel51: “Not much to choose from in Season 5. The scene with Persephone in ‘Like Hell, Part 2’ would be my choice. The Bo and Lauren shower scene in ‘Judgment Fae’ was pretty good too.”
  • Denise (NVGhost) says that “It’s Your Lucky Fae” opened her eyes to the POV of the Valkubus fans!

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Bo and Lauren in the shower in Judgement Fae

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4 Replies to “Season 5 Listener Feedback — Episode 132

  1. Do we get to have our Vex conversation now? 😀And the Morrigan. And the Morrigan. 😬 Still in denial. We all live forever on Netflix. #Immortality

  2. Great episode. Liked the approach. I agree, point to point, with Matt’s voice mail comments. It pays to outline where a story is going so it helps keep it on point, and focused with a clear endstate in mind. One of my AB Fab writers is J. Michael Straczynski, the writer and creator of Babylon 5. Before that series even shot its first scene JMS had the entire story written from beginning to end. Aside from having to make a couple of adjustments due to cast changes Babylon 5 is one of the best, if not the best cogently delivered series I have ever seen on TV. If Michelle Lovretta had stayed with LG it would have been a drastically different.

    From an observationist I am amazed at how much Lost Girl has taught me about the politics and business of running a television series. I wonder if Matt had also noticed how with Seasons 3, 4 and 5 how the writers were getting “step promoted.” They would start out as a writer then Editor, then Co-Producer, then Producer, then Supervising Producer, then Co-Executive Producer, then Executive Producer. Heck, if Lost Girl had a Season 6, Sandra Chwialkowska would have went from a writer to a Co-Executive Producer within a space of almost two seasons. You could see from space what the show was doing: providing everyone with some “step experience” so when they went out into the world they could say they had it. But in doing so, I believe this is what made the quality of the overall LG story arc suffer, and most definitely for S5 for sure, and boy, what a lot of wasted story-telling opportunities there.

    Michael Grassi is a lovely man, lovely human being, but I didn’t care for his tenure as a Showrunner for Season 5. I thought Season 5 was LG’s worst season ever. Can anyone tell me what S5 was about or where it was going? Because trust me, I’m still looking. The two saving graces of S5 were Amandalee Walsh as Zee and how they through-putted her storyline. And the second was having Tamsin in every, single episode. But beyond those two points, WTF, man? And let’s not even discuss Tamsin’s story arc. Yes, I know Rachel wanted Tamsin either completely happy or completely destroyed, and Grassi gave her both. I get it. But still, WTF was that?

    I have said this in my blog post and I will re-state it here: I remember in an interview Zoie Palmer advised fans that Season 5 should be their own journey; that the writers did not hold back; and some fans would like it, some would not. I love Lost Girl and I always, always will, I could rant, rave, scream, holler, kick, yell, and vent a number of thoughts about this discordant Season 5, but will not, except to say no, just no. So Matt, if you are reading this, ditto!

    [edited per our comment policy]

    1. Both Emily and Michael Grassi seemed to want to tell a complicated mystery storyline, which did not work for me. I don’t know if it was because of lack of planning or their having to change course for some reason, but The Wanderer, Rainer, Pyrippus, Hades, Bo being a Greek goddess…it did not come together in a satisfying way for me, and obviously I am not alone. Who is Bo’s father? played out over two seasons. Contrast that to Aife — she was introduced in episode 1.10 and by 1.13 Bo knew who she was and was fighting her. I like the build up to The Wanderer in Season 3 pretty well, but I wish the introduction/confrontation of Bo’s father had happened either as the Season 3 finale or toward the beginning of Season 4, instead of stringing it out and adding more unnecessary layers to the situation. By especially Season 5, but in Season 4 as well, it felt like having a complicated plot had overwhelmed character development/storylines, and I think we can all agree the characters are the show’s biggest asset.

      We meant to also mention in the episode that Jay Firestone had quite a bit of influence over the show as well, so it’s possible he had just as much or even more responsibility for the storytelling choices that were made throughout the series.

  3. I guess I deal with my feelings by avoiding them. Really. I’ve stepped away since the end. 🙁 That being said, it was nice to binge on the podcast episodes I’ve missed in my self imposed isolation. Thank you. —I still haven’t processed my thoughts or feelings about it all though, so I can’t really speak to that topic. I will say that TV these days just seems dull. To end this post on a less depressive not, I really liked Kevin’s Dr. Seuss quote that you started the episode with… I think I’ll adopt that as my mantra when my thoughts inevitably go back to Lost Girl.
    Again, thank you for the podcast; I really do enjoy it. The upcoming themes you mentioned in this one sound good. I’ve considered more than once that Bo is an anti-hero, but I’ve concluded she isn’t. For all her flaws—and she is a flawed character—she is actually pretty pure. She wants to do good; that is her nature as much as being a succubus is her biology.
    —Until next time.

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