2×08 “Death Didn’t Become Him” — Episode 134

Bo takes Lauren on a mission to save a man who has been taken by a Lich, a very long-lived Fae who seeks knowledge. They hope the Lich could have information about the nail the Morrigan gave Bo as a hint about Nadia, but the Lich has other plans for the succubus. Kris, Annie, and Stephanie discuss one of Annie’s favorite episodes of Lost Girl, “Death Didn’t Become Him.”

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Bo & Lauren

  • Bo is SO supportive! She clearly feels a bit jealous of Nadia, but she still wants to help her and Lauren.
  • In the lipstick scene, Bo doesn’t answer Lauren’s question about if she’s sure she’s OK helping Lauren with Nadia.
  • The kiss! What the what, Lauren?!?

Bo and Lauren in Lost Girl 2x08

The Lich

  • How are there not more “lick” jokes in this episode? Hale tells Kenzi there’s a Lich in town, and her only response is “What’s a Lich?” STEPHANIE CALLS BULLPUCKY.
  • Delightfully(?) over the top
  • Stephanie likes that Donovan appeared several times throughout the episode, rather than just starting Bo off on the villain of the week and then reappearing at the end.
  • Gross Gary is gross, but that actor does a great job and really makes a meal (heh) out of his scene. Bo (played by usually vegan Anna Silk) threatening Gary with tofu is pretty great.

Narrative Stuff

  • Donovan and Kristoff’s storyline clearly parallels Lauren and Nadia. However, Bo doesn’t really seem to come to a different understanding or new realization about Lauren’s feelings about Nadia during this episode. Not a critique of the episode, it’s just surprising.
  • Does the Lich represent to Bo what she might become if she gave into the depth of her “true unbridled passion”? SuperSuccuBo appears for the first time in this episode.

Hale, Kenzi & Tori

  • This, for Kris, is peak Kenzi. The wigs, the unnecessarily elaborate outfit, encouraging rebellious behavior, then panicking when it gets too out of hand…
  • Tori’s “instructions” were dreadfully incomplete. “No coffee” but no reason why? And no hints about her second heart?
  • Hale has some great lines about his tone deaf siren cousin and there being no dignity in getting puked on.
  • Hale apologizes to Kenzi for being “so mean,” but he makes a good point about Tori: she wasn’t some damsel in distress, her mom is just a jerk.

Lauren in Lost Girl 2x08 Death Didn't Become Him

The Humans

  • The human characters really feel the weight of being humans in a Fae world in Season 2.
  • Lauren is sneaking Bo into the Ash’s compound and having to be sneaked out of the compound.
  • The Lich makes casual mention of the Ash “snatching Lauren up” to work for him.
  • The moment where Lauren closes her eyes as the Lich threatens to kill her makes Stephanie feel so sad for Lauren.
  • Lauren’s situation is more immediately dangerous than Kenzi’s, though Kenzi is also reminded of her second-class status in this episode. Tori comments that she has never seen a human move as freely as Kenzi does amongst the Fae, to which Kenzi has a subtle, disquieted reaction.
  • Tori also asks to buy Kenzi from Hale because she finds her amusing. Hale and Kenzi have a lighthearted exchange about the offer, but Kenzi probably isn’t completely unaffected by it.

General Thoughts

  • All the main cast members look REALLY GOOD in this episode. (Has it just been too long since we’ve watched Lost Girl?)

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