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Drinks at The Dal logoDrinks at The Dal is a podcast for all things Lost Girl, Showcase’s hit supernatural television series. It’s a podcast by fans for fans that strives to have balanced, lively discussions and episode reviews. We invite you to join the conversation about the stories, characters, mythology, themes, and more.

New episodes are currently posted every other Tuesday. Subscribe in iTunes or your favorite pod catcher or RSS reader to make sure you don’t miss an episode!

Meet our podcast team

Stephanie lives in Texas with her partner and many cats. She has love-hate relationships with Joss Whedon and whiskey. She likes music, tortilla chips, and you.

Annie (@anniethemighty) is a born and bred Californian. Has a huge stash of Xena: Warrior Princess memorabilia. Is a scifi-convention-going pro. Drinks way too many chai lattes. Is the human to a very floofy cat.

Kris (@krisgen) also lives in Texas, where she knits and thinks too much about movies and television shows. She is happy to officially join the podcast team, as it provides a much-needed outlet for her geeking out and general enthusiasm for Lost Girl.

Susan and Kate provide always helpful production assistance.

Theme Song

She Who Wanders: Infatuation” by Joseph Yoshimasu Kamiya (CC BY-SA 3.0)