10 Days of Lost Girl Season 5

We are sharing some of our favorite things about Season 5 over the next 10 days. We would love to hear your answers to these questions as well.

We’re on Podcast Hiatus until the New Year

What was intended to be a short break on our part has turned into a longer break than we intended. We haven’t been able to record for several weeks, and given the proximity of the winter holidays, we decided to formally extend our podcast hiatus until after the new year. Look for new episodes in January.

The Future of Drinks at The Dal

Lost Girl just aired its last episode. What does that mean for this podcast? We discuss our plans for Drinks at The Dal now that Lost Girl has come to an end.

Tamsin and Elizabeth in Judgement Fae

Update on “Judgement Fae” Discussion

Stephanie is still working to get our long discussion of “Judgement Fae” edited. In the meantime, you can listen to an unedited version of the discussion on YouTube.

Stream the Season 5B Premiere Starting August 21

Showcase has announced that it will be streaming the first episode of Lost Girl’s Season 5B before its scheduled air date. Starting at midnight on August 21, the episode will be available to watch through Showcase’s website.

Lost Girl Cast at Fan Expo 2013

Lost Girl at Dragon Con 2015 Announcement

Dragon Con has an impressive group of Lost Girl cast planning to attend this year, including Anna Silk. We’re teaming up with Kevin Bachelder of Tuning in to SciFi TV for a live stream on August 8 at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific to talk about the Lost Girl events at Dragon Con as well as answer questions that newbies might have about attending the con.