Season 5 Teaser Is Finally Here

Showcase has finally released a very brief teaser for Season 5 of Lost Girl, but it doesn’t reveal much of what we might see next season.

Annie with Unicorn Crotch

Outtakes: Don’t Put That In

In these outtakes from our “Vexed” episode, Annie admits to something we already knew about her and fears Stephanie might turn it into a musical number. Also, we have a few announcements about things related to the podcast.

Lost Girl Fan Panel at Dragon Con 2014

Lost Girl Fan Panel at Dragon Con 2014

Stephanie was a panelist at the Lost Girl fan panel at Dragon Con 2014. Listen to a recording of the panel in which we discuss friendships formed in Season 4, our favorite episodes, and Lauren’s game plan.

Rick Howland, Ksenia Solo, and Emmanuelle Vaugier at Dragon Con 2014

Dragon Con 2014

Ksenia Solo, Rick Howland, and Emmanuelle Vaugier were guests at Dragon Con 2014, and Stephanie, Kris, and Annie were attendees! Here’s a guide to the Dragon Con-related stuff that we have created or collected.