Bo and Lauren in Lost Girl 2x08

2×08 “Death Didn’t Become Him” — Episode 134

Bo takes Lauren on a mission to save a man who has been taken by a Lich, a very long-lived Fae who seeks knowledge. They hope the Lich could have information about the nail the Morrigan gave Bo as a hint about Nadia, but the Lich has other plans for the succubus. Kris, Annie, and Stephanie discuss one of Annie’s favorite episodes of Lost Girl, “Death Didn’t Become Him.”

Bo and horses in Let Them Burn

Spiritual Aridity Outtake

In this outtake from Episode 133, Annie gets the giggles over the phrase “spiritual aridity.” Our follow-up episode about Bo’s character arc is coming soon. Share your thoughts to include them in our next episode!

Bo coming out of the elevator in Like Hell Part 2

Bo & The Hero’s Journey — Episode 133

While Bo certainly is a hero of Lost Girl, how do her triumphs and travails follow the Hero’s Journey? We use symbols and narrative archetypes to examine Bo’s adventures over the course of the series.

Season 5 Group Promo

Season 5 Listener Feedback — Episode 132

We share feedback from listeners about the final season of Lost Girl as well as their feelings about the series coming to an end. We share favorite quotes, theories about Hades’s plans, thoughts about showrunner changes, and we make quite a few inappropriate puns.