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  1. The Myth of the Succubus & Sexual Consent — Episode 101


    May 26, 2015 by Drinks at The Dal

    Bo and Saskia in The Mourning After

    We discuss the mythological origins and depictions of the succubus and how succubi are portrayed on Lost Girl with regard to issues of sexual consent.

  2. 3×04 “Fae-de to Black” — Episode 99


    April 15, 2015 by Drinks at The Dal

    Bo as a therapist in Fae-de to Black

    At Dyson’s request, Bo goes undercover to help him investigate a series of strange suicides. Meanwhile, Bo and Lauren’s relationship hits a speed bump as they struggle to keep up with Bo’s sexual needs as a succubus.

  3. Lost Girl vs. Xena — Episode 74


    November 20, 2014 by Drinks at The Dal

    Bo and Kenzi in Something Wicked This Fae Comes

    We have previously discussed the similarities and influences of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Lost Girl, but Xena: Warrior Princess also played an important part in laying the foundation for female-led fantasy shows. We discuss the similarities between Lost Girl and Xena, including their redemption story arcs, strong female friendships, and importance to the LGBT community.

  4. The Dark Fae — Episode 58


    June 28, 2014 by Drinks at The Dal

    The Fae World exists as a two-party system, the Dark and the Light. While the Dark Fae are often antagonists, as a group they are not consistently evil, just as the Light are not purely good. We discuss what we know about the Dark Fae, including their political structure and their philosophy toward humans, as well as some of the prominent Dark Fae characters, including Vex and The Morrigan.

  5. “Turn to Stone” — Episode 29


    December 5, 2013 by Drinks at The Dal

    Bo with an evil smile in Turn to Stone

    When Massimo steals the furniture from the clubhouse because of Kenzi’s debt, Bo must return to Lauren’s apartment for an herb to pay him, and she discovers some surprising things. While he tries to find Lauren, Dyson babysits Tamsin, who is going through some changes. Meanwhile, Lauren deals with her captors, who have an interesting request.

  6. Half Pint: Favorite Music from Seasons 1-3 — Episode 21


    October 8, 2013 by Drinks at The Dal

    Bo in Adventures in Fae-bysitting

    Many fans have praised the selection of popular music used on Lost Girl, and in this episode Stephanie, Annie, and Kris talk about their favorite song moments on the show. We also asked on Twitter which song picks were listeners’ favorites, and we discuss some of those as well.

  7. This Magic Bo-ment — Episode 7


    July 10, 2013 by Drinks at The Dal

    Bo in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

    Bo has many facets to her personality that make her an interesting, compelling character, including her protectiveness, her resistance to rules and binaries, and her nerdiness. We discuss these characteristics and more, and we delve into Dark Bo/Super Bo’s powers as well as her evolving relationship with her human friends.

  8. Sexuality on Lost Girl: Monogamy, Objectification & Sexual Orientation — Episode 5


    June 25, 2013 by Drinks at The Dal

    Bo and Lauren in Fae-de to Black

    In part two of our conversation about sexuality on Lost Girl, we discuss monogamy and the show’s portrayals of open relationships, objectification, and sexual orientation. Hear our thoughts on the lack of gay or bisexual male characters on the series, Bo calling Lauren “Lawrence,” and Bo and Lauren as star-crossed lovers.

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