Bo dancing in Big in Japan

Favorite Music from Seasons 4 & 5 — Episode 126

We discuss some of our favorite music moments in Seasons 4 and 5, having covered our favorites from the earlier seasons in a previous episode. We mention songs that mirror characters’ emotional states, songs that we just think are catchy, and one song with very curious lyrics.

Manny and Connor in Fae-de to Black

Favorite Guest Stars — Episode 96

Guest stars are an important but often overlooked element of successful TV episodes. We discuss some of our favorite guest stars that have appeared on Lost Girl over the seasons.

Tamsin Lauren Bo and Dyson at movie night in Big in Japan

Mid-Season 5 Review — Episode 94

We discuss what has and hasn’t worked for us in Season 5 of Lost Girl thus far. We also talk about some of our favorites of the first half of the season, including favorite episode, character arc, and quote.

Bo in the triskele in Here Comes the Night

5×07 “Here Comes the Night” — Episode 91

The Ancients summon a horrible storm to knock out the city’s electrical power so that three Oracles can track down Bo using visions of people Bo’s friends most desire. Meanwhile, Bo and Lauren must deal with the possibility that the dangerous Fae in Evony’s cryo box could be freed. Dyson continues to investigate the Ancients and finds one playing house with its host body’s human wife.