Season 5 Group Promo

Season 5 Listener Feedback — Episode 132

We share feedback from listeners about the final season of Lost Girl as well as their feelings about the series coming to an end. We share favorite quotes, theories about Hades’s plans, thoughts about showrunner changes, and we make quite a few inappropriate puns.

Tamsin Lauren Bo and Dyson at movie night in Big in Japan

Mid-Season 5 Review — Episode 94

We discuss what has and hasn’t worked for us in Season 5 of Lost Girl thus far. We also talk about some of our favorites of the first half of the season, including favorite episode, character arc, and quote.

Bo in Valhalla in Like Hell Part 1

5×01 “Like Hell, Part 1” — Episode 78

Bo’s determination to get Kenzi back leads to an impulsive decision that could put her in real danger. Tamsin wrestles with wanting to help save Kenzi but being afraid of going back to Valhalla, while Lauren, Dyson, and Trick try to come up with a back-up plan to save Kenzi.