Bo and horses in Let Them Burn

Spiritual Aridity Outtake

In this outtake from Episode 133, Annie gets the giggles over the phrase “spiritual aridity.” Our follow-up episode about Bo’s character arc is coming soon. Share your thoughts to include them in our next episode!

Annie with Unicorn Crotch

Outtakes: Don’t Put That In

In these outtakes from our “Vexed” episode, Annie admits to something we already knew about her and fears Stephanie might turn it into a musical number. Also, we have a few announcements about things related to the podcast.

Annie Subliminally Ships CopDoc

Outtakes: Annie’s Subliminal Devotion

In these outtakes from our episode about how color was used in Season 4 of Lost Girl, guest contributor Melanie figures out a secret that Annie has been hiding from us — and even herself — for all these months.


Outtakes: The Hot-Less Monster

In these outtakes from our discussion about hanging plot threads, we discuss possible portmanteau ship names for Bo, Lauren, and Crystal as well as how Bo might have reacted to Lauren revealing that she slept with both Crystal and The Morrigan.

The Papaya Horse

Outtakes: A Horse by Any Other Name

This week’s episode proved to be quite the tongue twister! Annie just couldn’t seem to pronounce “Pyrippus”! While some of her efforts were included in the final version of our discussion of “Origin,” we thought you would enjoy hearing all of Annie’s attempts and Kris’s (im)patient corrections.

Lauren in Of All the Gin Joints 2

Half Pint: Lauren’s Drawers — Episode 35

In this outtake from our mid-season 4 review, we discuss the messy state of Lauren’s desk drawers in “Turn to Stone” as well as some possibilities as to why Lauren hasn’t upgraded to Blu-ray technology yet. Kris also demonstrates a surefire way to win an argument with Annie.