Tamsin with wings in Sweet Valkyrie High

5×11 “Sweet Valkyrie High” — Episode 115

Tamsin decides to try to help Bo get rid of her father, so she teams up with Stacey and follows a lead back to their old high school. Meanwhile, the Morrigan comes to Lauren with complaints about her health, and Lauren’s tests reveal a poor prognosis.

Pyrippus painting in Like Father, Like Daughter

5×10 “Like Father, Like Daughter” — Episode 112

Kenzi comes back in town to tell Bo about a painting that could banish the Ancients, and they team up to infiltrate a museum where the painting is being stored. Meanwhile, Lauren is trying to figure out how she survived the car crash, and Dyson must deal with Alicia coming closer to the truth about him and her husband.

Dyson Hades and Lauren in 44 Minutes to Save the World

5×09 “44 Minutes to Save the World” — Episode 110

With Nyx released and threatening to end the world, Bo needs to find Iris, and she reluctantly accepts her father’s assistance. Meanwhile, Tamsin is held captive by Zee and Hera, and she uses the opportunity to learn more about the Ancients’ weaknesses.

Dyson Bo Lauren and Mark at the party in End of Faes

5×08 “End of Faes” — Episode 93

Bo receives an invitation from the Ancients to a mysterious party in her honor where Zee tries to convince Bo to emancipate herself from her father. Even though Bo has doubts about Zee’s motives, a dire prophetic vision sways her to believe that Zee could be an ally. Meanwhile, Mark tries to get closer to Iris to get more information about the Ancients, which leads him into a perilous situation.

Bo in the triskele in Here Comes the Night

5×07 “Here Comes the Night” — Episode 91

The Ancients summon a horrible storm to knock out the city’s electrical power so that three Oracles can track down Bo using visions of people Bo’s friends most desire. Meanwhile, Bo and Lauren must deal with the possibility that the dangerous Fae in Evony’s cryo box could be freed. Dyson continues to investigate the Ancients and finds one playing house with its host body’s human wife.