Bo and horses in Let Them Burn

5×15 “Let Them Burn” — Episode 123

Realizing that Tamsin has been taken captive by Jack, Bo tries to learn more about Jack’s plan to mount a better assault against him. At Vex’s suggestion, she goes in search of the midwife at her birth for the answers. Dyson enlists Mark to call a meeting of the Light Fae elders to address the situation with Jack, but Mark surprises him by inviting the Dark Fae elders as well.

Tamsin with wings in Sweet Valkyrie High

5×11 “Sweet Valkyrie High” — Episode 115

Tamsin decides to try to help Bo get rid of her father, so she teams up with Stacey and follows a lead back to their old high school. Meanwhile, the Morrigan comes to Lauren with complaints about her health, and Lauren’s tests reveal a poor prognosis.

Tamsin Lauren Bo and Dyson at movie night in Big in Japan

Mid-Season 5 Review — Episode 94

We discuss what has and hasn’t worked for us in Season 5 of Lost Girl thus far. We also talk about some of our favorites of the first half of the season, including favorite episode, character arc, and quote.

Tamsin threatening Mark with Bo in When God Opens a Window

5×04 “When God Opens a Window” — Episode 85

Against Tamsin’s advice, Bo tries to help a young man who is being pursued. Dyson is tasked by Trick to look into three dead bodies that were dumped just outside the Light Fae territory. Much to Dyson’s annoyance, Vex tags along to help. Evony puts pressure on Lauren to develop a serum to “re-Fae” her.

Season 5 Bo and Tamsin promos

Lost Girl Season 5 Roundtable — Episode 76

Joined by other Lost Girl podcasters, we talk about our expectations and hopes for Season 5. We speculate on the fates of our beloved characters, offer up some theories of varying levels of ridiculousness, and talk about the small amount of promotional material that has been released.

30 Days of Lost Girl Part 3

30 Days of Lost Girl: Part 3 — Episode 64

We reveal some of our Lost Girl “favorites,” including our favorite ships, quotes, and character deaths. This episode is a compilation of several short episodes we produced as part of our 30 Days of Lost Girl series in which we answered a bunch of questions about Lost Girl.